2242BK - FREE DARTS & STONE - Bottelsen Hammer Head 22 Gram 90% Tungsten Movable Point Steel Tip Darts

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Hammerhead moveable point darts are highly sought after because the tip will retract when hitting a wire or staple on your steel tip board. This will increase your scoring potential with less bounce outs. The Bottelsen Hammer Head lineup offers unparallelled performance. The Original Hammer Head No Bounce Dart line was designed and patented by Walt Bottelsen. The Hammer Head mechanism virtually eliminates bound outs. The Original 90% tungsten dart line is available with an Edge Grip, smooth, fine, or coarse knurling and a choice of finishes. Improve upon perfection with a set of Bottelsen Darts! FREE SET OF DARTS: You will receive ONE free set of nickel steel tip darts per order. It will be one set of 3 darts with shafts and flights. FREE SQUARE DART SHARPENING STONE! Flights and shafts may vary.

22 Grams Hammer Head Movable Point

90% Tungsten Tough Koat & FREE SET OF DARTS!


Aluminum Shafts & Standard Flights