DMC Kfir Dart Set - 90% Tungsten 20g 2ba Soft Tip Dart Barrels - DART BROKERS FREE SHIPPING

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The DMC Kfir has a series of differing back cuts with varying widths throughout the body. The grip is aggressive, but there is a smooth, thinner spot right in the middle for those that love that consistency of putting a thumb or finger in a the same groove every time.

The barrel does taper down toward the back of the dart for a slightly front loaded dart.

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Barrels only weigh 18g each

If you are looking for quality and craftsmanship at an affordable price, these are the right choice.

DMC Kfir 90% Tungsten 20g 2ba Soft Tip Dart Barrels FREE SHIPPING

The DMC Kfir is available in 18g 2ba, 20g 2ba, and 18g Acute

Made by one of the best dart manufacturers in the World!