Dynamite Style 5 - 16 grams, 80% Tungsten, Soft Tip Darts - Premium Package | Dart

Dynamite Style 5 - 16 grams, 80% Tungsten, Soft Tip Darts - Premium Package

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These powder coated barrels are Scalloped which helps you to achieve consistent finger placement on the dart. With practice this will help you to improve your throwing action. The Knurling (rough) surface of the barrel will help you to grip the dart and also prevent it from slipping as it is released from the fingers.These darts which weigh 18 grams are designed for experienced and beginners. Similar darts retail in stores for over $80 and they manufactured to the same exacting standards as all the premium priced dart sets. Tungsten darts are the slimmest darts manufactured which means that you can 'stack' them closet together on the board. Includes a set of 'No Bounce' BalancePoint AVE Moveable Points which quickly converts your darts for use on a traditional steel board. The points will help to reduce bounce-outs and we believe that these are best moveable points ever made.

Manufactured from premium grade 80% Tungsten Alloy

Supplied in an upgraded case with a set of double thickness flights, hard wearing aluminum shafts, O'rings

Stunning appearance high quality, tungsten dart set. The darts will accept 2BA conversion points to allow use on bristle boards. It is like getting two sets of darts for the price of one. Don't forget to pick up extra tips and flights for your darts.

Premium package includes Upgraded Case, 50 Extra Tips, Extra Set of Flights, Balancepoint ACE Moveable Points

Neutrally balanced to prevent unusual flight patterns once the dart is released