ELKADART Razor - 23-3419-19 - 19g 2ba Soft Tip 80% Tungsten Dart Set - DART BROKERS

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Elkadart RAZOR Steel Tip 80% Tungsten Darts.

Elkadart Razor Soft Tip 80% Tungsten Darts. Set includes three darts. 2-D Glitter flights. Black resin case. Made in England. 80% Tungsten barrels. Aluminum shafts. 90 days Warranty. The Razor is an 80% tungsten dart with a special groove pattern that allows extra grip in the direction of the throw only. The ultra slim barrels allow for tighter groupings.

80% Tungsten Barrels.

Aluminum Shafts.

1 set of Standard flights.

2BA tips.

Slim case.

Flights and shafts may vary.

High quality darts from Elkadart..."40 years at the front of Dart Technology"

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1 Set of flights, shafts and slim case included!

High Quality 80% Tungsten Barrels

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When buying darts, you are purchasing the barrels. Flights, shafts and case that may be included my vary.