FREE L-STYLE TIPS - Bottelsen Super Alloy Great White Soft tip 18 Gram Dart Set of 3 Darts 18GW7

Reference Price:$19.99


The Great White dart is made for exceptional performance and control! Great White Super Alloy darts are assembled with durable shafts and logo flights. Darts are packaged in a Top Box. Flights and shafts may vary.

Includes "Cut & Carry" top box...packaging doubles as a convenient case! Pictured is an example of what the packaging looks like.

FREE TIPS: We will include 6 free black L-Style lippoint tips. These are the best tips on the market! Try them out for yourself and see why so many players choose these tips! "These are the best tips I've ever used and by far the most resilient!" - Joe "Millionaire" Mateja, On-Staff Dart Professional at Dart Brokers.

18 Grams

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Bottelsen Super Alloy Great White Soft tip Darts 18GW7

Great White Super Alloy