SS17-ADJS-SP - Dart Player Starter Package - 1 Set of 17g Steel Tip & 1 Set of 16g 2ba Soft Tip Dart Sets - Includes Full

Reference Price:$37.95


Retail Pricing Package Includes:

50 2ba tips - 3.95,

5 Sets Aluminum Shafts - $8.95,

6 Sets Assorted Flights - $8.50,

1 Set of Dart Brokers 17g DBS "Satin" Nickle Steel Tip Darts - $17.95,

1 Set of Nickle 2ba Adjustable Length Darts - $19.95,

1 Set of Steel Tip Conversion Points - $3.95,

1 Dart Pal Dart Case w/ extra shafts, tips, tool and flight savers - $9.95

25 O-Rings - $3.95

Total Retail Pricing: $77.15!

You can not find a better deal anywhere!


Many people do not understand the difference and why there are so many different shaft and flight sizes offered. No one throws the same as someone else, therefor, we have lots of variations on accessories to help us make our dart fly better to the board. In general, the harder you throw, the shorter you want your shaft with a smaller flight in order to cut through the air quicker and travel to the dart in a straighter trajectory. For those that have a softer toss that arcs to the board, you will generally want a longer shaft to spread the weight and a larger flight in order to capture more air and stabilize the dart on it's way to the board. There are many throws in between. This is the reason we offer this package. One dart will adjust to any length and the 5 shaft sizes will allow you to test out all your options. With 6 different flight sizes, you can find the perfect match for the way you throw. You will also receive a set of steel tip conversion points to make your dart versatile enough to throw on any board.

Flights, shafts and tips may vary.

5 Sets of Aluminum Shaft in 5 Different Sizes

6 Sets of Assorted Flight Sizes

17 Gram DBS "Satin" Nickle Steel Tip Dart Set. MEASUREMENTS: Weight - 17.0g (Barrels only) Length - 52.9 mm/2.08" Max Width - 7.9 mm/0.31"

16 Gram Silver Knurled Adjustable Length Dart Set. MEASUREMENTS: Weight - 13.6g (Barrels only) Length - 46.2 mm/1.81" Max Width - 8.2 mm/0.32"