Xtreme Rd 21 Grams Style 1 Blackline, 80% Tungsten Darts, Powered By Balancepoint ACE Points

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These darts are manufactured from premium 80% Tungsten alloy. This means that they are slimmer than many darts of this weight. The thinner barrel means that you can stack the darts closer together on the board. This improves your chances of hitting those magical three triple twenties. The Knurled (rough) grip will help you with your finger positioning The no-bounce mechanism virtually eliminates bounce-outs which means that you will improve your scoring average and win more games. The ACE Moveable Point System. Why are these points so special? 1. Free-Floating Frictionless Movement 2. There are no internal collars or tabs to wear out or interfere with the movement of the point 3. There is no locking taper which will hold the point and prevent free movement 4. The system is self setting 5. The free flowing kinetic forward movement will spin the point of the dart around the wire 6. The free flowing kinetic forward movement will spin the point of the dart around the wire 7. No recoil of the dart once it hits the board. All forward movement of the dart is concentrated on driving the point into the board and breaking the tension between a collar or a taper 8. No rattles or other unsettling movements in the point. We believe that these points are far superior to any other moveable point manufactured. Fewer bounce-outs means more winning games for you.

Clearance Specials - Limited Quantities

Knurled grip for positive 'Finger Feel'. The darts are packaged in small dart case with small-wearing aluminum shafts, double thickness flights, and O'rings.

Neutrally balance means that there are no unusual in-flight movements.

Moveable Point Darts manufactured from 80% Tungsten Alloy

They are fitted with Balancepoint ACE Points which we believe are the best system in the world