Yellow L-Style Silent Straight L-Shaft Medium 330 Spinning Nylon Dart Shafts - Dart Brokers tips case

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L-Shaft dart shafts from L-Style

L-Shaft Straight shafts are available in Extra Short (1.25 inches), Short (1.5 inches), In-Between (1.75 inches), and Medium (2 inches). L-Style labels their shafts as follows: Extra Short = 130, Short = 190, In-Between = 260, Medium =330.

The most durable polycarbonate dart shafts on the market!

L-Shafts are specifically designed to be used with Champagne Rings (included). Pair your Champagne Flights with Champagne Rings.

L-Shafts have built-in flight guards which protect your flights from the bottom up, preventing tears or damage.

L-Style products are used by the best darters in the world including Randy "Big Dog" Van Deursen, Ray "The Razor" Carver, Benny Dersch, Scotty Miller, Scotty Kirchner and Joe "Millionaire" Mateja.

Can be used with ANY 2ba thread sized dart barrels for superior performance!

1 set of 3 L-Style Silent L-Shaft Spinning Nylon Dart Shafts with Champagne Rings INCLUDED!

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Some of the STRONGEST nylon shafts ever made!

Pairs wonderfully with L-Style Flights and tips. Check out the rest of our store for the FULL line of great L-Style Products!